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Slope + Handicap Details

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Handicapping leaflet - Slope + My Handicap - updated 5/7/2013

Changes to our handicapping system that will be introduced next year (January 23rd)

For your information, below is a brief outline of some of the published details so far. There will be further communications about these changes.

If you would like to read more about these changes, go to the Golf Australia website at:

There will be no need for any player or club to do calculations, etc, as all of this will be performed by Golf Link

Changes to Handicapping System

Already in Effect:

  • Best 8 of 20, multiplied by 0.93
  • Cap (Previously called the Anchor)
  • Immediate Updating of Handicaps
  • No Lapsed Handicaps

To Take Effect on January 23rd 2014

  • Daily Scratch Rating (DSR)

Under the new DSR system, GOLF Link will assess a current course rating for you each day. This rating will be appropriate to the conditions you actually experienced. GOLF Link will do all of the work and provide the DSR immediately after the scores are processed.

Through GOLF Link, the DSR system will establish each of the following:

• The average net score for the field.

• The average handicap of the field.

• The field size.

• The type of competition (Stableford, Par, or Stroke).

• The gender of the competitors.

Once it has established each of these factors, GOLF Link will compare the ACTUAL average net score on the day with the average net score GOLF Link EXPECTS for this precise field composition. (The EXPECTED average is determined by GOLF Link from millions of prior rounds.)

GOLF Link will then determine the DSR by using the difference between what ACTUALLY happened on the day and what was EXPECTED to happen.

  • Slope

Every set of tees on every golf course around the country will have a Slope Rating which has been determined in accordance with the new course rating system. The maximum Slope Rating is 155 (most difficult) and the minimum is 55 (least difficult). The Neutral Slope Rating is 113. Every set of tees will also have a Scratch Rating.

GOLF Link will calculate a nationally-standardised handicap index for every player and this will be called the GA Handicap.

A GA Handicap will be calculated by using the best 8 of a player’s most recent 20 scores (ie best 8 of 20, x 0.93). However, every score in every player’s score history will first be standardised by GOLF Link against a Slope Rating of 113. As a result, the GA Handicap will reflect a golfer’s ability on a course which has the neutral Slope Rating of 113.

The GA Handicap is not intended for use as a playing handicap. It is to be used in conjunction with the Slope Rating of the set of tees being played to calculate a golfer’s playing handicap for the day, and this will be called the Daily Handicap.

It is the GA Handicap that will be displayed in a player’s GOLF Link record on

The further the player’s GA Handicap is from Scratch, the greater will be the impact of the Slope Rating on their Daily Handicap.

Daily Handicap = GA Handicap x Slope Rating ÷ Neutral Slope Rating (ie 113)

  • Stableford Handicapping Adjustment

For handicapping, all Stroke scores must be converted to, and processed as, Stableford scores. (Where the competition is Stroke, the Stroke score will be the Competition Score; the Stableford Score will be the Handicapping Score.)

Clubs will continue to play Par competitions exactly as they currently do now (players will not record Stableford scores in Par competitions). Any round played under the Par scoring system will be converted by GOLF Link into a Stableford score by adding 36 points to the player’s final result (for example GOLF Link will convert a score of 4 down into 32 points; the score of 32 points will be the player’s Handicapping Score).

If a player is competing in a Stroke or Par competition, their Stableford score is disregarded when assessing Competition placings.

What is the purpose of this regulation?

To reduce the effect of high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability.

To make all handicaps as equitable as possible by using a uniform score type for all handicapping (note: 78% of handicapping scores across Australia are currently Stableford or Par). Some players currently have ‘Stableford handicaps’ whereas other players have handicaps that are based on a mix of Stableford & Stroke. In a national handicap system there should be a uniform type of handicap.

Other changes to be implemented on January 23rd are:

Handicapping for Conforming Social Scores

Handicapping of Good Four-ball Scores

Changed 9 Hole Regulations